• J.R.  Blackmore Live
    J.R. Blackmore Live
  • J.R.  Blackmore Live
    J.R. Blackmore Live
  • J.R.  Blackmore Live
    J.R. Blackmore Live

Extra Custom Guitars

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J.R.Blackmore Signature Model

Every part of it has been hand-crafted and suited to J.R. Blackmore’s wishes and needs. Finally, it was airbrushed by
Nobby. After final inspection on FEB 02, 2012, this official signature model was presented to J.R. Blackmore and will accompany him on his upcoming concerts.
Again, this isn’t a ready-made guitar, it is by every means a CUSTOM-MADE model!
Every guitar, which leaves this house will be hand-crafted and tailored to the customer’s needs. A guitar like that will be with you for the rest of your life. You can let your imagination run free and communicate your dreams and wishes to the guys at EXTRA CUSTOM GUITARS.
So, when will you start playing your own EXTRA CUSTOM GUITAR?
J.R. Blackmore says: “I am totally blown away by this guitar, it’s almost like it plays itself ;-)I am amazed by the quality of it’s workmanship and how perfectly all the parts are integrated. To me, this is the year’s highlight so far... WOW!

If you’re interested in the details and specs, just click here: PDF picture



J.R.Blackmore´s new Guitar was Airbrushed by

Nobby has been at the top of his game for years now, of witch J.R. Blackmore’s signature guitar IMPRESSIVELY gives proof. Nobby is impossibly good at implementing ideas and fantasies. Each and every of his products deserves to be called UNIQUE and PHENOMENAL.
J.R. Blackmore says: “Well, what can I say about this exceptional varnisher? NOBBY, YOU ARE NUMBER ONE! It doesn’t get better than this!


Violet Moons Guitar Strap ons

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Violet Moons Guitar Strap On´s

Violet Moon's "Guitar Strap On’s" are hand made custom leather guitar and bass straps that are created to be as unique as each of there clients. They have created many different styles using only high end leather (many of which are imported) and hardware. "Guitar Strap On's" are available in wide array of colors to give that something special for every kind of musician. They put there heart and soul into each creation. Each strap is an exquisite work of art, supple to the touch and most of all, individualized for you. All of the hardware is superior quality and handpicked; individually created to enhance you and your instruments stage appearance.
J.R.Blackmore: I am so excited of this Strap On, I WILL KEEP IT FOR MY LIFE!!! Thank You !   Click here for a PHOTO

 More information: www.violetmoonsguitarstrapons.com