• J.R.  Blackmore Live
    J.R. Blackmore Live
  • J.R.  Blackmore Live
    J.R. Blackmore Live
  • J.R.  Blackmore Live
    J.R. Blackmore Live

About Jürgen



Jürgen was born in London in 1964 as the son of Ritchie Blackmore (founding member of the legendary bands (DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW) and his former German wife Margit.

Raised in Hamburg, Jürgen received his first acoustic guitar at the age of ten. Blessed with the exceptional musical talent of his father and the encouragement of his mother, he knew early on that he would have a career in music.

In 1979 he started an apprenticeship as a guitar maker and it was around this time that Jürgen had his first musical experiences playing with several small local rock bands.

In 1986, he made his debut as a professional musician playing on IRON ANGEL’s ‘Winds Of War’ album followed by a collaboration with the band STRAIGHT. That same year he founded J.R. BLACKMORE’S SUPERSTITION, where he gained more experience in the scene and established himself as an artist in his own right with his own unique sound. Thanks to this experience he started an international career, this time under the name of J.R. BLACKMORE GROUP

In 1990 J.R. BLACKMORE GROUP performed a number of high profile shows, including a slot at the famous Docks in Hamburg, Germany.

Late in 1990 Jürgen carried on building up his reputation by recording some video clips and touring Czechoslovakia with Michael Bormann (JADED HEART, BONFIRE). During this time, he wrote his first solo album, ‘Still Holding On’ and met a number of influential musicians including Wolf Hoffmann (ACCEPT), and Uli Roth (ex-SCORPIONS) who inspired and deepened his musical sense. He also collaborated as a guest musician on KING KURLEE’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ version.

In 2003, Jürgen was so touched by the encouragement of his fans that he enlisted close long-time friend, Malte Rathke to produce an instrumental project. This project was released on December 2nd, 2005 as ‘Recall The Past’, a 4 track EP distributed worldwide, a must-have for any melodic rock fan. Little more than a year later, Jürgen released the full length album ‘Between Darkness and Light’. It was released on May 19th, 2006.

Since the release of ‘Between Darkness and Light’ Jürgen has written many songs and done session work for other artists. One of his most notable collaborations was with German artist ELA where he contributed the guitar solo on the track ‘Out of Time’. The project was promoted extensively and they recorded a video clip of the track.

In 2008, Jürgen joined forces with Joe Lynn Turner (vocals), Tony Carey (keyboards), Greg Smith (bass) and Bobby Rondinelli (drums) for a project called OVER THE RAINBOW. The band performed RAINBOW songs fittingly, as Jürgen’s band mates were all former members and contributors to the legendary band. OVER THE RAINBOW completed a world tour in 2009 and played alongside bands like SCORPIONS and other established acts worldwide. They toured more than 13 countries and performed at a number of festivals along the way including ‘Sweden Rock Festival’, where they were headliners.

In 2010, Jürgen was involved in a new project, EBC RACING TEAM in collaboration with ELA and Tony Carey and recorded an album called ‘Winners’. The album was released in September 2010. That same year he played as a special guest with DEEP PURPLE in Hamburg.

On October 27, 2011 the new J.R: BLACKMORE & FRIENDS album "Voices" was released worldwide.

In 2012, J.R. BLACKMORE and his band members wrote two entirely new Songs, to accommodate their new tour singer: "Moments Of Magic" and "Knight Of The Black Rose". They showcased the new project J.R. BLACKMORE & FRIENDS in April 2012 with huge success. J.R. will tour all over the world with his Band J.R. BLACKMORE. He will play both his own songs and a mix of his father’s music (DEEP PURPLE & RAINBOW).