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    J.R. Blackmore Live
  • J.R.  Blackmore Live
    J.R. Blackmore Live
  • J.R.  Blackmore Live
    J.R. Blackmore Live

Welcome to the official Website of J.R.Blackmore


Hey Friends, I am happy that you found my website. I want to say THANK YOU for your support in the past! It has been incredible! I hope to see you soon somewhere LIVE in your area! Until then....keep rockin’!!!


Jürgen Richard Blackmore
Long Live Rock´n Roll!!

Train of Life









The Train of Life:

Life is like a train ride, with all its stops, detours and accidents. We hop in, meet our parents, thinking they'll be riding alongside us forever, but one day they have to get off the train and we must continue our journey without them. Yet, many fellow passengers will join us: our siblings, cousins, friends, even the loves of our lives. Many of them will leave a great emptiness, when they disembark. Other people we won't even notice, when they exit. It's a trip full of joy, suffering, hellos and good-byes. Its successfulness depends on whether we had good relationships to the others around us.

The big mystery remains: we have no way of knowing when it's our time to exit. That is why we need to live, love, forgive and always be our best. Because, when the moment has come and we need to hop off, leaving behind an empty seat, only good memories of us shall remain and keep journeying onwards indefinitely.

May your journey through 2014 become more wonderful each day, may your only baggage ever be love, health, success and money.
Thank you very much, all you passengers in my train of life.

Cheers, J.R.Blackmore

In Memory of my Dog Prince (Prinz)












In Memory of my Dog Prince (Prinz)

He died on January 11 2014

After 12 Years of a big friendship my dog has passed away

I really miss him, and wrote him his own song.

GOODBYE PRINCE    click here to watch Video


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